Durable & weather proof
Greater strength & light weight
Hygienic & Highly efficient
Fire resistant & Dimensional stability
Adaptability & Economical
Can be join to other material & easy handling
Non toxic & non corrosive & no deposit formation.
Resistance to soil movement

Installation Method

Arcee UPCV pipes are very convenient & simple to install. Arcee pvc pipes can be fixed & laid to the desired length or can be fixed on the size as per requirement. Fix the joins using Solvent cement & provide air valves at regular interval of 300mtrs. length.

  1. Use non return valves forwater raising system.
  2. Use coupler ifthe length is too long. it also assist for maintenance.
  3. Use proper adapter while fixing with the existing any pipe system.
  4. Provide support at joints &at regular distance. Avoid inclined bends.
  5. Prefer underground or ducted system to increase life.